About Us


Rebbetzin Ilana Cowland

Originally from London, Rebbetzin Cowland attended BJJ Seminary in Jerusalem and then received a BA in Jewish Studies from the University of London, as well as a diploma in counseling. She and her family moved to Jerusalem in 2004 where she has been involved in teaching and education administration, including 3 years as the principal of a seminary for high school graduates, ten years as the education director of Jewel.

Mrs. Michele Weiss

Mrs. Weiss is currently the Controller of the largest Jewish day school in the state of Ohio, Hebrew Academy of Cleveland.  She is a founding member of a non-profit organization, AMATZ Initiative, which supplements professional development to engage principals of schools.  She is deeply involved with an array of community activities including the Jewish Federation, various frum infrastructure organizations, city council and a local university.

Our Mission

The goal of the program is to build a community of bnos yisroel who regularly examine the question of mah chovoso bo’olomo, understanding the obligation, contributing to and taking responsibility for the future and mission of Klal Yisroel while living with a constant connection to the RSh”O. 

Shalsheles is a mini seminary experience for young women who want to re-experience personal growth and chizuk.